Free Plug-Ins for Magical Glass (free computer screen magnifier)


You can find last version Magical Glass here.
Below, you can find and download Plug-Ins which for whatever reasons have not come in the basic package.

Inverted Colors.
If you face with bright object and your eyes feel very uncomfortable, you can invert colors.
download Inverted Colors

Motion Blur.
The name speaks for itself, this Plug-In can be useful for viewing video
(Start a magnifier, before inclusion of the program of viewing of video).
download Motion Blur

This Plug-In for an entertainment, changes colors places.
It can be useful in a combination with Plug-In "Inverted Colors".
download Psychedelic



How to install Plug-Ins for Magical Glass


Use My Computer or Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder in which Magical Glass AppData is installed, normally
in XP: "C:\Documents and Settings\...\Application Data\FreeStone Group\Magical Glass"
in Vista: "C:\Users\...\AppData\Roaming\FreeStone Group\Magical Glass"
Inside this folder you will see a folder called Plug-Ins. Double-click this folder to view its contents.
Copy the Plug-In you downloaded into this folder. (e.g. "NewPlugIn.lib". This is the Plug-In itself.)




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