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Magical Glass  the screen magnifier, moves together with the cursor Windows.

Magical Glass freeware and can be freely used for any non-commercial purposes, subject to the following restrictions:
Magical Glass is supplied "as-is". The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of Magical Glass.
You may not decompile, disassemble or otherwise reverse engineer this product. You may not include the parts of Magical Glass in your software without the author's permission. You may not alter or modify Magical Glass in any way or create a new installer for it.



Running Magical Glass


Load Magical Glass  if it is not already running.
Use "Show / Hide" to display a magnifier.

Settings Magical Glass:

Hot Keys

"On/Off"             - show, hide of a magnifier.
"Lock/UnLock"  - blocks a magnifier on the current position.
"Zoom +"           - zoom-in.
"Zoom -"            - zoom-out.
"Size +"              - increase the size of a magnifier.
"Size -"               - reduce the size of a magnifier.
"Brightness +"     - increase brightness.
"Brightness -"      - reduce brightness.
"Transparent +"   - increase transparent.
"Transparent -"    - reduce transparent.
"Capture"           - place the image of a magnifier in clipboard.


Clarity: "Normal", "Smoothed" - some types of a magnifier."Smoothed" smooths the image, this method is recommended for viewing a photo. For viewing the text the method "Normal" is recommended.
Cursor Mode" - removal of cursors Windows and display in a magnifier one of variants: "Arrow", "Hand", "Crosshair", "Dot", "None".

General settings

"Show magnifier on start" - display of a magnifier at start of the program.
"Start with Windows" - Magical Glass is started with Windows.
"Sound" - sound at start, and during creation of a screenshot.
"Follow input focus" - The magnifier will show a place of a seal of the text.

Update frame

Speed of updating. Very small values on slow processors and video cards are not recommended. Optimum: 10-30.

Magnifier size

The size of a magnifier. It is limited to the size of the screen.
"Zoom" - magnification.


You can choose a transparency of a magnifier.
The transparency is convenient for using in a combination to a plug-in "Inverted Colors", however use of a transparency can brake work of your computer.

Magical Glass uses Overlay for work.
Possible problems:
1. Some programs use Overlay whenever possible, for example - Windows Media Player.
You can decide this problem, having started  Magical Glass before these programs.
2. Some videocards or the driver, can not support Overlay. In this case try to update the driver on a site of the manufacturer.





Run Uninstall from Magical Glass group.



Minimum System Requirements


- Windows NT, 95/98/Me, 2000, XP, 2003 operating system.
- Intel Pentium/Celeron Processor or 100% compatible.
- Video Card DirectDraw(Overlay) compatible, 16, 24 or 32 bit color.



Technical support


If you've got a problem, please contact FreeStone Group support.
Before contacting Technical Support, please obtain and record the following information:
- Product name (or edition), version, or service pack.
- Name.
- Your system configuration: operating system, amount of RAM, CPU.
- The details of the problem; settings, error messages, stack dumps, and the contents of any diagnostic windows.
- If the problem is repeatable, the details of how to create the problem.




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